If local chapter is selected, the chapter's certified name must be entered in the field above.  The chapter's  certified name can be located on GMWA's website using the following steps: Go to GMWA website at www.gmwanational.net>click on "Convention Registrations" at top center of page>click on "Chapter Roster".  Chapter affiliation will be verified with the chapter you insert.  If the the Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals or Quartet Division is selected, those registrations will be forwarded to the appropriate division to verify your affiliation.  

Please be advised, all delegate registration fees excluding “Unaffiliated Member Fees” are for Chapter Affiliated Delegates only. All chapter affiliated registrations will be verified for membership standing by the local chapter you associate yourself with in field 1 above. Electronic communication for accessing our virtual convention will be disseminated after 12:01 am EST on July 18, 2021. No Refunds.

Choir Registration/Songbook Purchase

  • Choir Registration/Songbook

    Choir Registration/Songbook

    Registration will entitle you to copy of the 2021 GMWA Choir Songbook (PDF) and to be admitted to rehearsals.

    $60.00 ea.

GMWA T-Shirt

T-Shirt day is an annual event held on Wednesday, during the week of convention.  In the spirit of our annual tradition, t-shirt purchases will be mailed via USPS to continue this great tradition.  

To ensure you receive your t-shirt for T-Shirt Day which will be Wednesday, July 22, you will need to complete your purchase on or before Thursday, June 24 by 11:59 pm EST.  

Adult T-Shirt Options

  • Adult T-Shirt: Small

    Adult T-Shirt: Small

    $20.00 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt: Medium

    Adult T-Shirt: Medium

    $20.00 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt: Large

    Adult T-Shirt: Large

    $20.00 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt:  X Large

    Adult T-Shirt: X Large

    $20.00 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt: XX Large

    Adult T-Shirt: XX Large

    $20.00 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt: XXX Large

    Adult T-Shirt: XXX Large

    $20.00 ea.

  • Adult T-Shirt: XXXX Large

    Adult T-Shirt: XXXX Large

    $20.00 ea.

Youth T-Shirt Options

  • Youth T-Shirt:  X Small

    Youth T-Shirt: X Small

    $15.00 ea.

  • Youth T-Shirt: Small

    Youth T-Shirt: Small

    $15.00 ea.

  • Youth T-Shirt: Medium

    Youth T-Shirt: Medium

    $15.00 ea.

  • Youth T-Shirt: Large

    Youth T-Shirt: Large

    $15.00 ea.

  • Youth T-Shirt: X Large

    Youth T-Shirt: X Large

    $15.00 ea.

GMWA Performance Auxiliaries are listed below.  Please check the auxiliary(ies) you would normally participate in.  If you are new to GMWA, please check the auxiliary(ies) you would like to participate in.


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